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The MARCH 5x-40x56. FFP Rifle scope.

March 5x-40x56. Zoom Scope. FFP (First Focal Plane)

This zoom scope has an 8x magnification ratio. Available in six (6) versions. Two Mil-Radian and four Minute of Angle (MOA) versions.

The Mil-Radian version with FML-1 reticle remains constant across the entire zoom range. Target ranging is accurate at any power. You can choose from two models. One version has one turn of adjustment dial of 5 Mil-Radian, and one click value is .05 Mil-Radian (1/20th). The other version has 10 Mil-Radian per one turn and 0.1 Mil-Radian (1/10th) clicks.

The MOA version with the FMA-1 or FMA-2 reticle scale value also remains constant across the entire zoom range. Target ranging is accurate at any power. Can choose from two versions in each reticle model. One version has 25 MOA per turn of the dials and has 1/4 MOA clicks. The other version has 10 MOA per turn of the dials and 1/8 MOA clicks which is usually more useful for target shooting. All these scopes are in illuminated version or non-illuminated version.

Additionally, with the capability to set any position as the zero point in elevation with the 0-set function, the shooter will never lose their starting calibration. As with all March scopes, high end extra-low dispersion (ED) lenses are used and the 56mm front lens delivers superb optics.  For illumination models each level of reticle intensity (red) and can be operated by simply pressing the pressure switch within the focus dial knob. The new  illumination switch has 6 levels and each level can be set or locked . One push of the pressure pad turns on and another push turns off. Auto turn off after one hour of inactivity. A STD illumination model switch is still available with 4 levels of illumination.

For Mil-Radian version the reticle centre "floating"dot size is .05 Mil-Radian. For MOA the FMA-1 illuminated reticle has the centre "floating" dot of 1/4. The FMA-2 reticle is only available for non illuminated MOA versions. The centre "floating" dot is 1/8 at all magnifications. The line thickness of the reticle grid section is half that of the FMA-1. Therefore it is not a "thick" reticle as is often associated with FFP and is similar to the thickness of reticles in SFP target scopes. This reticle is specifically design for Target Shooting by Stuart Elliott and Gary Costello. The 1 MOA line spacing (graduations) remain constant over the entire zoom range so a target shooter can confidently use these graduations for calculated hold offs at any and all zoom (magnification) points. Also with FFP scope design the point of aim does NOT shift throughout the entire zoom range. So a shooter can confidently zoom up or down in the process of shooting one target session. No point of aim shift. The hold off points of the graduated reticle remain constant with 1 MOA spacings, relative to the target at any distance, on any zoom level. A simple, 100% accurate, precise aiming platform.





FML-1 Reticle

FMA-1 Reticle

FMA-2 Reticle



FML-1 Reticle


FMA-1 Reticle

Features ¬ Big on features yet not too bulky

- First Focal Plane (FFP) reticle with 8x zoom ratio.

- Available in two Mil-rad versions and also in two MOA versions.

- For Mil Radian - the m-rad reticle scale value remains constant across the entire zoom range. Centre dot value is 0.05 MIL

- 24 Mil Radian elevation adjustment. 12 Mil Radian of windage adjustment.

- Two versions of turret systems. One turn is 5 mil-rad with .05 mil-rad clicks. Other version is 10 mil-rad per turn and .1mil clicks

- For Minute of Angle - the MOA reticle scale value remains constant over the entire zoom range. Centre dot value is 1/4 moa with FMA-1

- Special FMA-2 reticle designed specifically for F-class target shooting. Centre dot is 1/8 moa

- Choice of 10 moa per roation of turrets with 1/8 clicks or 25 moa per rotation version with 1/4 clicks.

- Side focus/parallax adjustment from 10 yards to infinity.

- Compact Overall size with Long eye relief and 34mm main tube design, 56mm objective lens. Japanese ED lenses

- Tactical turrets with zero set facility on elevation. Zero set is within the elevation turret and cannot be accidentally bumped or changed.

- Choice of illuminated or non illuminated glass etched reticles. FML-1 for m-rad and FMA-1 or FMA-2 for MOA version.

- Supplied with Sunshade, New Tactical flip covers.

- Reticles:  FML-1 or FMA-1 or FMA-2 (reticle lines are half thickness and dot size is half size compared to FMA-1)

- New 6 level illumination switch for illuminated models.


A  387mm (15.2inch)

B  157mm (6.2inch)

C  64mm (2.5inch)

D  41mm (1.6inch)

E  144mm (5.7inch)

F  86mm (3.4inch)

G  66mm (2.6inch)

H  52mm (2.05inch)


Magnification - 5x  to 40x

Effective Lens Diameter  - 56mm

Body Tube Diameter  - 34mm

Exit Pupil  -  40x 1.4mm

Field of View, real  - 5x  ~ 4.0° or 7m @ 100m . 40x ~ 0.5° or .9m @ 100m

Eye Relief  - 5x ~ 96-100mm. 40x ~ 92-98mm

1 Click Adjustment - 0.05MIL click version or 0.1MIL click version. 1/4 MOA click version or 1/8 MOA click version

Elevation Travel - 24MIL  or 66 MOA

Windage Travel  - 12MIL or 38 MOA

Focus  - Side Focus / Parallax

Distance  - 10 yards to infinity

Finish - Matte Black

Reticle  - See reticles

Total Length  - 387mm (15.2inch)

Weight  -   890g (31.4oz)



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