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Spuhr Ideal Scope Mount

Extremely sturdy scope mount

Spuhr Ideal Scope Mount System

Extremely sturdy scope mount, with possibility to attach multiple optical accessories directly to the mount. Built-in level. 45-degree split of the rings provides unobstructed view of the knobs.


SP-3001: 30mm Tube
Height:30 mm/1,18″
Length:126 mm/4,96″
10-degree wedge included

SP-3006: 30mm Tube
Height:34 mm/1,35″
Length:126 mm/4,96″
10-degree wedge included

SP-4006: 34mm Tube
Height:34 mm/1,35″
Length:121 mm/4,76″
10-degree wedge included

Prevents damage on scope due to flexing during heavy recoil or rough handling. The snipers rifle and the spotter’s carbine can have the same mount, enabling the use of the same or shared equipment and accessories.

Scope rotation
Innovative solution for indexing the rotation of the scope, using the included tool/gauge to index the scope correctly to the mount and gun. This is very important since if the scope is not properly indexed there will be an unintended lateral shift of the point of impact whenever the elevation is adjusted.

Mounting placements
Traditionally lasers have been mounted on the forend of the rifle, a solution with drawbacks. For the same reasons you don’t want your barrel to touch the forend you don ́t want the sights to be mounted on the forend. Our mounting system have up to seven interfaces for accessories, and the laser can easily be attached to the scope mount, providing the advantage of undisturbed laser and having the weight close to the centre of the gun instead of forward.

Mounts can be delivered in various tilts. The tilt is clearly engraved on the mount, in both MIL and MOA.

Accessible and readable dials
The rings are cut at 45 degrees instead of horizontally, providing several advantages; the screws holding the parts together are not obscuring the knobs, thus the shooter can quickly determine the settings of the knobs. It also gives the shooter a horizontal reference line helping the shooter subconsciously to avoid canting the rifle to the side.

The rings have index marks on the top and right side, making low knobs more easily readable.

Provides use of various accessories such as angle cosine indicator (ACI), back up sights, lasers, illuminators, night vision mounts etc. with a minimized “footprint”. With traditional mounts this can only be achieved if there is sufficient space on the middle tube for additional rings, which there rarely is. The “Ideal Scope Mount System” ™ have interface surfaces directly on the mount, making it possible to mount accessories either by Picatinny rails or as direct interfaces. A selection of interfaces for popular accessories are available, and others can be made to customer specifications.

The sight mount has a level included in the rear of the mount.

Please note: we are able to supply any Spuhr products / accessories (as per their website www.spuhr.biz). Delivery for a specially order would usually be an additional 7 days, subject to availability.

Spuhr Ideal Scope Mount System (ISMS)

Scope Uni-mount

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