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A detailed comparison chart to help select the perfect March Scope

MARCH news March Scopes come in so many models and have so many features, it can be bewildering selecting the riflescope that is suited to your needs. To help wade through this wide selection, we present the following March Riflescopes Comparison Chart. All optics products offer several qualities that can be at odds with one […]

Specification and Reticle designs for March 5x-42×56 FFP Wide Angle Scope

MARCH news This March 5x-42×56 Wide Angle scope is developed for serious competition shooters, enthusiasts and hunters who demand the utmost in optical and mechanical performance from their rifle scopes. This rifle scope has 2 super ED lenses, which provides the highest level of optical quality. The March 5x-42X56 FFP Wide Angle has a total […]

Shooting 3km(1.86mile) with March Genesis 4x-40x52mm Scope in the outback of Australia

MARCH news Stuart Elliott (March Scopes Australia) and Phil Jones (March Scopes’ dealer: Redback Precision Gunsmithing) together shot at 3km with March 4-40x52mm Genesis Scope in the outback of Australia. 4-40x52mmFFP Genesis has 86MIL elevation travel amount without utilising any external accessories. This is the sister model of 6-60×56mm Genesis with elevation travel amount of […]

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