New MARCH Shooting Mat
March Scopes Shooting Mat

Featuring a high-density foam lining they are incredibly thin so as to reduce movement of your rear bag whilst shooting rested rifles. The extra thin lining doesn’t compromise comfort as the high-density foam takes all the sharp edges away and provides a comfortable platform from which to shoot.

The mat features multiple tethering points should you wish to peg it down and is supplied in a custom-made waterproof case.

The Mats are in stock and available for immediate shipping,

New MARCH Scope Covers
March Scope Covers

Our new padded protective scope cover was specifically designed for March scopes by our experience shooting Team. It will protect your March scope whilst in a gun bag or when your rifle is on the range not being used.
The cover is made from padded heavy-duty Cordura Fabric 600D with heavy-duty poly webbing and nylon buckle, there are two sizes of cover; one for the March compact scopes and the larger size for the big zoom scopes including Genesis.

NEW Superlight all Titanium rings.

We are pleased to Launch our new Superlight all Titanium rings.
These are a new and very clever design in which the full diameter of the scope body has contact with the titanium ring, when mounted correctly (see below) this will not mark or stress your scope in any way.
The rings have been precisely CNC manufactured with Aircraft grade Titanium.

We introduced these new rings for customers who have weight limits in their shooting discipline, and for shooters/hunters who want the lightest possible scope/ring/rifle combinations, ideally paired with our super compact 1x-10, 1.5x-15, 2.25x-25 and 4.5x-28 scopes.

NEW in stock - R.A.D. System 2a is the newest version of the R.A.D. system.
March Scopes

R.A.D. System 2a
The System 2a is the newest version of the R.A.D. 2 system. The OAL of the unit is 1/8″ shorter than the original and 2oz. lighter in weight. The new adjustment allows for single point pad adjustment without going through the pad or removing it to do so. This key feature allows the unit to be adjusted by a gun fitter while the gun is mounted saving time and allowing for a more precise fit.

R.A.D. stands for Recoil Absorption Device. This device uses hydraulic fluid to reduce the kinetic energy produced by the firing of a shotgun or rifle. This is superior to other methods that use springs to store the energy during the motion of the gun during recoil.

What is the difference between these two rifle scopes?
What is the difference between these two rifle scopes? 5x-40x56 GEN ll vs 5x-42×56

5x-40×56 GEN II vs 5x-42×56
We do not just design new scopes! We are always looking for ways we can improve our existing scopes. And now we’ve updated our very popular 5-40×56 FFP scope.

Added features in the New 5x-40×56 GEN ll are;

– Lockable Elevation and Windage turrets
– Fast focus eyepiece
– 6 level illumination module as a standard (for illuminated models)


spotting scopeS

The KOWA range of spotting scope will be available at MARCH Scopes


The KOWA range of binoculars will be available at MARCH Scopes


The KOWA range of lenses and accessories will be available at MARCH Scopes


The KOWA range of accessories will be available at MARCH Scopes
March Scopes Rain Covers

New March Scope Rain Cover Kit is designed to fix quickly and easily to your rifle scope providing a sturdy, lightweight frame that will support a clear plastic protective cover sheet (not included) the cover will protect from rain ingress to the action and bolt, when shooting in inclement weather.
The two frames are sized so that the front frame clips around the main tube body, typically 30mm or 34mm, and the rear frame around the eyepiece.


Large Dials

March offers two blank dials for shooters to create their own Ballistic Drop Compensator...

New EC Tuner thread adapters

This thread adapter allows you to run EC Tuner on your 1/2-28, 5/8-24, 3/4-24 threaded barrel.

New Retical for 3x-24x42 & 52

New tactical reticle for this very popular rifle scope

New reticle for the shorty

New DR-1 & DR-TR1 reticle for the 1x-10x24 Shorty rifle scope

EC Tuner Brake

This 4 port muzzle brake has an expansion chamber for maximum recoil reduction. It also has a self timing nut so that you can time it correctly on your barrel.

Kestrel Accessories

A new range of Kestrel accessories in stock. Lots to choose from...

Kestrel DROP Smart Data Loggers

Log it. View it. Share it. Know Your Conditions. Kestrel DROPs are small, rugged, and accurate environmental data loggers...


The AMP Press combines a motor driven ram, a distance sensor, and a load cell to deliver extremely accurate and precise Force / Distance bullet seating measurements. It is designed for use with inline bullet seating dies.

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