MARCH news

Paul Cray (Field Target shooter, USA) wins all 11 matches with 8-80×56 March Scope!

We received a testimonial from Paul Cray who is a Field Target shooter in the USA.

With this crazy year I was still able to shoot 11 matches… And I won them all! Couldn’t be more happier with this awesome scope! Here’s a picture mounted on my FT rifle. – Paul Cray

Thank you Paul and congratulations on a fantastic year, 11 comps and 11 wins is incredible!
We have to say your rifle is super cool, we love the paint job and the matching green on the rings and base.

Field target is an outdoor field shooting sport shot with air rifles originated here in the UK..
Rules slightly differs according to countries, but normally steel targets are placed between 9 to 50 m (9.8 to 54.7 yd) and the target kill zones have three sizes, 15 mm, 25 mm and 40 mm depending on the distances. As it is impossible to see the small kill zone at the furthest distance with naked eyes, a rifle scope with high magnification is required.
We can say that Field target shooting is definitely one of the most precise and demanding shooting category. If you are looking for some action outdoors, Field target shooting may be an interesting sport to try!
This scopes provide the highest magnification ratio (10X) along with highest magnification (80x) of any rifle scopes made to date and it still weighs less than 900g (31.7oz). Click adjustment of 1/8MOA is a perfect choice for accurate shooing.

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