The MARCH 1x-4×24. Rifle scope. SFP

Minute of Angle (MOA)

March 1x-4x24 SFP Rifle Scope



1x-4x24mm model with Illumination. SFP. MoA

This special MARCH rifle scope has a special fibre illuminated FD-1 reticle and with no parallax dial for simplicity. The scope has the worlds largest exit pupil size of 17.4mm. Like all MARCH scopes the body is machined for a solid billet of special alloy. All components are individually mated and lapped together during assembly. This ensure the most precise optical instrument which can handle series recoiling rifles. Turret adjustments are in Mils and have turret caps like other models.

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Compact size and long eye relief
Illuminated MTR-D2 or MTR-5 reticle options
200 MOA of adjustment in Elevation and windage
One turn on each dial is 25 MOA
Minimum focus is 10 yards
Supplied with flip lens covers that lock back

1x-4x24 Detail Images

1x-4x24mm reticles available

New FD-1 & FD-2 reticals with and with out Illumination

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