The MARCH 3x-24×42. FFP Rifle scope

Mil Radian (Mil) or Minute of Angle (MOA)

New FML-TR1H Tactical Reticle available. See below

March 3x-24x42 FFP Rifle Scope



MARCH 3-24x42mm. Compact Zoom Scope. (First Focal Plane)

This zoom scope has an 8x magnification ratio.  It is easy to range a target without thinking about where to set the zoom range. Target ranging is accurate at any power. This 3x-24x Compact model comes in two versions. The Mil Radian (Mil) and the Minute of Angle (MOA). The short compact overall size yet strong build quality as you would expect from a MARCH scope.

It comes in illuminated and non-illuminated versions. Standard and Low illumination modules are available. Both modules provide four levels of reticle intensity (red) and can be cycled by simply pressing the pressure switch within the focus dial on the left side. Very effective feature at dusk or when aiming at a dark target. If illumination is not activated the reticle remains black as per the non illuminated model. Additionally, with the capability to set any position as the zero point in the elevation (0 – set feature), the shooter will never lose their starting calibration

First Focal Plane design allows the scaling on the FML-1 or FMA-1 reticle to remain constant across the entire zoom range, however the reticle scale will get thicker when the magnification is increased. But the special reticle design in the March FFP scopes allows target acquisition at both low and high magnification levels. The special FMA-2 reticle is a very fine lined reticle and therefore only available in the non illuminated model.

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First Focal Plane (FFP) reticle with 8x zoom ratio. Mil-rad or MOA versions.
The m-rad reticle or MOA reticle scale value remains constant across the entire zoom range.
M-rad version – 28 Mil elevation and 28 Mil windage adjustment. One turn is 10 mil-rad. One click is 1/10th Mil-rad.
MOA version – 100 MOA elevation and 100 MOA windage adjustment for minute of angle models. One turn is 24 MOA. One click is 1/4 MOA
Side focus/parallax adjustment from 10 yards to infinity.
Compact Overall size with Long eye relief and 30mm main tube design.
Tactical turrets with zero set facility on elevation. Zero set is inside elevation and cannot be accidentally changed.
Choice of illuminated or non illuminated glass etched reticles.
Supplied with Sunshade, leather lens covers and plastic lens covers. Tactical Flip covers for 2014
Reticles: FML and FML-1 for mil Radian. For Minute of Angle FMA-1 and FMA-2 (only available in non illuminated model)
New tactical reticle FML-TR1H (09.21)


Magnification – 3x to 24x
Effective Lens Diameter – 42mm
Body Tube Diameter – 30mm
Exit Pupil – 3x 7mm. 24x 1.75mm
Field of View, real – 3x ~ 6.66° 35.0FT/100 yds . 24x ~ 0.83° 4.35FT/100 yds
Eye Relief – 3x ~ 85-100mm. 24x ~ 89-96mm
1 Click Adjustment – 0.1Mil or 1/4 MOA
Elevation Travel – 28Mil or 100MOA
Windage Travel – 28Mil or100MOA
Focus – Side Focus / Parallax
Distance – 10 yards to infinity
Finish – Matte Black
Reticle – See reticles
Total Length – 312mm (12.3inch)
Weight – 640g (22.6oz) D24V42FIML model

New FML-TR1H for 3x-24x52mm Scope

New for 09.21

3x-24x42mm. Compact Zoom reticles

ILLUMINATED RETICLES available; with measurements

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