5x-42x56 FX HM

NEW Wide Angle First Focal Plane (FFP) rifle scope for 2021

Mil Radian (Mil) or Minute of Angle (MOA)

March 5x-42x56 FFP High Master



NEW for 2021 is the 5x-42x56 FX High Master. Wide Angle FFP rifle scope.
Mil-Rad or MoA

Developed for serious competition shooters, enthusiasts and hunters who demand the utmost in optical/mechanical performance. High Master lens system allows for the highest optical quality, while the 26° wide angle eyepiece offers enhanced FOV throughout the 8.4x magnification range. Multi-turn 10 M-rad elevation turret with 40 M-rad total travel adjustment for ELR. Locking elevation, windage and parallax with easy zero stop. New competition oriented First Focal Plane reticle is designed for precise holdover without obscuring the sight picture. Center dot and cross are illuminated with .2 M-rad and .5 M-rad hash marks throughout.

5x-42×56 QUICK SPECS;

Apparent field of view: 26 Degree wide angle / First Focal Plane / 34mm tube / 1 Click =0.1mil / Reticles – FML-MT. FML-TR1. FML-3 / New Zero Set / Illuminated / Elevation 40mil / Windage 14mil

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5x-42x56 FX HM New Turret Design

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5x-42x56 FX Detail Images

MIL-RAD RETICLES - FML-MT. FML-TR1 & FML-3 reticles at different zoom/power

FML-MT MIL Reticle at different zoom/power. Center dot = 0.1 MIL. 1000 metres = 10cm. 1610 meters = 16.1cm
FML-TR1 Reticle at zoom ranges from x5 to x42
FML3 Reticle at zoom ranges from x5 to x42

MOA RETICLES - FMA-MT. FMA-TR1 & FMA-3 reticles at different zoom/power

FMA-MT MIL Reticle at different zoom/power.
FMA-TR1 Reticle at zoom ranges from x5 to x42
FMA-3 Reticle at zoom ranges from x5 to x42

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