The MARCH 8x-80×56. SFP Rifle scope

Minute of Angle (MOA)

March 8x-80x56 SFP Rifle Scope



MARCH 8x-80x56 SFP.
With and without Illumination. MoA

MARCH has pushed the limits of technology with the March-X series, so you can push your own shooting limits.

Whether it is setting new records at 1000 yards and beyond or accurately ranging Field Targets at close range these scopes are for you. With a range of reticle patterns available and illuminated models too these will suit any discipline requiring high levels of precision and repeat-ability.Like all MARCH scopes these are individually hand built with every part being perfectly mated together and lapped together during assembly.

This is why these are the most precise rifle optical instruments in the world. The March-X comes standard with Tactical turrets, Zero set feature so you will never loose your zero. The 34mm main body is 4mm thick and achieves exceptional thermal stability and the eyepiece allows very long eye relief positioning.

The World’s most powerful rifle scope, proven around the world in a large variety of competitions. Ideal for Short, Medium and Long Range benchrest competitions, F Class, Centrefire and Rimfire Silhouette, Tactical and Varmint shooting. For Air Rifle disciplines like Benchrest and Field Target too.

Black version

Silver version

8x‐80x 56mm
10 times zoom ratios.
Focus to 10m
34mm main tube design
56mm objective lens diameter
60 MOA of elevation and 40 MOA of windage adjustment. One turn on the turret equals 10 MOA
Side focus/parallax adjustment. Long eye relief.
Tactical turrets with zero set facility
56mm front lens with superb Japanese glass, ED technology
Choice of traditional wire reticles, Crosshair or dot
Choice of illuminated or non illuminated glass etched reticles
Supplied with 3″ Sunshade, Flip type lock down lens covers. Optional leather lens covers
Optional 56mm MD disc available
Reticles: 1/16, 3/32, 1/8th dot, Illuminated or non illuminated MTR‐1 or MTR‐2. MTR-3, MTR-4 glass etched reticles.
Silver body available for extra. Please enquire
New 6 level illumination switch for illuminated models

Magnification – 8x to 80x
Effective Lens Diameter – 56mm
Body Tube Diameter – 34mm
Exit Pupil – 80x ~ 0.7mm
Field of View, real – 8x ~ 2.5°. 80x ~ 2.5°
Eye Relief – 8x ~ 89-95mm. 80x ~ 83-97mm
1 Click Adjustment – 1/8MOA
Elevation Travel – 60 MOA
Windage Travel – 40 MOA
Focus – Side Focus / Parallax
Distance – 10 yards to infinity
Finish – Matte Black
Reticle – See reticles
Total Length – 407mm
Weight – 845g (29.8oz)

8x-80x56 detail Images showing tactical turrets in traditional black and the silver option

8x-80x56 reticles available

Reticles available without illumination

8x-80x56 reticles available

Reticles available with illumination

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