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Bix'N Andy Triggers



Bix’N Andy Triggers

This trigger is a completely different design which uses a unique ball bearing mechanism to allow pull weight adjustments from less than one ounce with the installed “light spring” to 11 ounces with the included “medium spring” and up to 25 ounces with the included “heavy spring”. Release is absolutely crisp and light and breaks consistently within .03 ounces every pull. Trigger weight of pull is easily adjusted with a 1.5mm Allen Screw (wrench included) in the trigger shoe. Sear engagement is adjusted with another 1.5mm screw just forward of the trigger shoe. This model of Bix’n Andy trigger is intended for custom benchrest / F Class Action / rifles which require no safety or bolt stop on the trigger.

The Remington Trigger is suitable for BAT Actions, Kelbly Actions, and most actions that are configured for a Jewel trigger. BAT Actions prior 2013 (Models S, B, MB, SB, M, and CT) will require a Trigger Hanger. Bat actions produced in 2013 and later do not require the optional hanger.

Trigger weight of 20 – 800 grams.

Sako and Tikka:
Trigger weight ranges 50-800 grams.

Please note: Items to order have a wait time of approx. 2 to 3 weeks.

Bix'N Andy Triggers

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