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Bore Stores Rifle Covers



Bore Stores Rifle Covers

Rifle cover made with special fabric…

Bore Stores are made of a special fabric that WILL NOT retain Moisture. An Open-Weave surface allows through air circulation and evaporation pile interior, cushions against nicks and scratches. It is treated with pure silicone and a specially formulated rust inhibitor permits maintenance-free, worry free long term storage without heavy oils of grease.


We use them as an inner case for our rifles when carried in a drag bag, to prevent scratches and moisture. We do them in various guises, 53×11 inches and 54×11 inches for scoped long guns and competition guns etc., we also do a shorter version for Rimfire’s and scoped carbine/sporting rifles 40×10 inches and finally we do one for shotguns and Muskets 52×7 inches.


Now available in PINK for our female shooters.

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