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KRG Accessories at MARCH Scopes

Upgrades and accoutrements for your KRG chassis



Bravo Rear stock: Purchase the comfortable Bravo rear stock half separately if you already have a KRG chassis and would like to mount it on a Whiskey-3, X-ray, or 180-A for CZ-455 or Howa 1500 Chassis or as a spare for your current Bravo chassis. We introduced the Bravo in Nov ’17 and have received a lot of positive feedback on the comfort of the grip and rear stock in general. It will fit all generations of chassis noted below.


It features a storage area in the grip, plus a removable lower cover that is replaced with our Hook Style Cover to give a hand hook on the bottom of the stock.


*This is NOT INTENDED FOR building a chassis from scratch as we do not offer all of the required components separately*



**Please add a note during checkout if you are purchasing it for use with a Tikka T3 as these come with a different cheekpiece**



***PLEASE NOTE: If using this for a Remington 700 Long Action, the cheekpiece, at some height settings will interfere with the bolt travel due to the long throw of the LA bolt.***



It comes with tool-less cheekpiece height and spacer Length-of-Pull adjustment. Included is the 1-3 LOP spacer pack to add up to 1.125″ to the standard LOP of approx 12.8″, also included is a QD cup which can be mounted on the upper rear near the buttpad, on either side.


Fits: All generations of Whiskey-3, Bravo, and X-ray chassis; for Rem 700SA/LA, Tikka T3, Howa 1500, CZ-455 inlets of KRG chassis.

Restrictions: Won’t fit the KRG Savage chassis unfortunately

Weight: ~1.75 lb

Material: Material: Reinforced Polymer

Made by KRG


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