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EC Barrel Tuner V2

EC Tuner V2


Over a decade ago, we introduced the original EC Tuner. The EC Tuner provided an easy and efficient way to adjust your tuner because it was a tool-less design. The original EC Tuner uses tension screws to create enough drag that the tuner will stay put after adjusting, but still allows the user to move it if needed. The original EC Tuner was designed to allow the user to find the node in less than one revolution.

The EC Tuner V2 has some great improvements over the original EC Tuner.

The EC Tuner V2 is lighter, which allows finer adjustments.
The EC Tuner V2 is larger, which makes the numbers easier to see.
The EC Tuner V2 has flats on the outside diameter to provide grip to facilitate turning the tuner.
The EC Tuner V2 has an O-Ring on the front to keep solvents to get between the tuner and barrel when cleaning the barrel.
The EC Tuner V2 uses larger 1″-20 TPI threads, so less material will be removed from your barrel.
The EC Tuner V2 is shorter.
The EC Tuner V2 eliminates the tension screws and uses a spring to maintain pressure on the tuner at all times. The spring allows perfect repeatability by eliminating backlash on the threads. This ensures the tuner is always “pre-loaded” which drastically improves repeatability.

Weight: 4 oz.
OD: 1.500″
Length: 1.300″



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