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EC Tuner Brake


EC Tuner Brake

This 4 port muzzle brake has an expansion chamber for maximum recoil reduction, it also has a self timing nut so that you can time it correctly on your barrel.

On the other end of the muzzle brake, it includes tool less design tuner, the tuner allows you to manipulate the harmonics on your barrel to match your load for best accuracy possible.

Available for BR and PRS shooting disciplines, the BR EC Brake Tuner at 1 1/4″ diameter incudes STRAIGHT ports from the side which is legal for use on long range Benchrest competitions and the PRS EC Brake Tuner at 1.1″ diameter featuring angled ports

They are made of 303 Stainless Steel for maximum corrosion resistance, and are available in natural Stainless or Black Nitride finish

PRS Specifications;
Diameter: 1.1″
Length: 3.3″
Thread: M18x1, 3/4-24, 5/8-24

BR Specifications;

Diameter: 1.25″

Length: 3 1/8″

Thread: 3/4-24, 5/8-24, 7/8-24



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