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EC Barrel Tuner



EC Barrel Tuner

Barrel tuners align barrel harmonics in such a way that they will take a load from good to great.

Because of the harmonic tuning characteristics of a barrel tuner, barrels tend to shoot accurately in a wider range of atmospheric conditions. All barrel tuners work in similar way, but EC Tuners do this without making barrel longer, without adding weight to barrel (1.250” barrels), and can be adjusted with no tools at all. EC Tuners are also the best looking tuners on the market and require zero maintenance. EC Tuners can be transferred from one barrel to the next, so when your barrel burns out, you simply remove the EC Tuner from old barrel and install it on new barrel.

EC Tuners also allow you to tune multiple barrels to shoot same load. This is not the best approach, but works well for backup rifles by allowing them to shoot same load as main rifle. This keep you from having to bring ammo for two rifles to every match.

EC Barrel Tuner

Barrel tuners align barrel harmonics
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