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Illumination Switches



4 Level Module & 6 Level Module
See better with illumination


Depending on where you shoot, the normal illumination switch may be too bright. March offers a Low Illumination Switch (right) that operates at one fifth the intensity of the standard module.

The illumination module provides 4 levels of glow intensity, which can be cycled through by pressing the switch repeatedly. If you forget to turn the illumination off, the system will automatically switch off after 1 hour to conserve battery life. Modules can be purchased if you wish to change a lower intensity module to a brighter higher intensity, and vice Versa, please contact us for further details.

The new 6 level illumination switch (left) has the benefit of both modules. It ranges from the lowest intensity of the low power module, to the highest intensity of the high module and 4 intensities in between.

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