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KRG 180-X-Ray Chassis



KRG 180-X-Ray Chassis

We’ve heard a lot from two groups of long range shooters, those who want a .22 trainer and those who’ve discovered the appeal of the Howa 1500/Weatherby Vanguard rifles.

For those of you in either of those camps, we present the 180-Xray Chassis!

We started with our 180-Alpha front end which is lightweight and has more features than the X-ray Chassis. For the back end, unlike the 180-Alpha for the Savage, we were able to utilize our standard modular buttstocks. That means that you can get the 180-Xray with either the lightweight polymer X-ray back end or the fixed or folding Whiskey-3 back end! The 180-Xray keeps the excellent ergonomics of our other chassis while offering several configuration options to tailor the weight and cost of the overall chassis. Of course accessories and mounting options are important so we made sure that there were as many options as possible. The CZ version uses the factory magazine while the Howa, like all of our chassis, accepts AICS magazines (not included) right out of the box with no bottom metal purchase needed. The CZ has the tried and true V-bedding system cut into the aluminum backbone.


Overseas Shipments: This is an ITAR restricted item like all gun parts. Export is possible with the proper permits and export licences. Please contact us for more information.

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KRG 180-X-Ray Chassis
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