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KRG Rifle Stocks Accessories



KRG Rifle Stocks Accessories

Midas 2-Stage Trigger:
The Midas trigger from KRG gives you that 2-Stage, fully adjustable goodness that you’ve been needing for your Tikka T3. The factory trigger is pretty decent, especially with a spring adjustment, but the Midas trigger takes your T3 to another level. You won’t feel like you’re giving up much to a full blown TRG-22/42 when you have a Midas trigger with a nice comfortable shoe plus: Features: Adjustable 1st and 2nd Stage. Adjustable over travel. Adjustable fore/aft shoe position. Overall possible adjustment range of about 2lb-5+lbs though we do not support any setting lower than 2.5lbs in order to be compliant with SAAMI drop safe specs. We highly recommend that the trigger is installed by a qualified gunsmith
Fits: All Tikka T3, T3X, T3 CTR. Material: Stainless Steel and Aluminum Restrictions: We do not guarantee that the Midas Trigger will fit chassis or stocks other than the Whiskey-3, X-Ray, and Bravo

Bolt Lift and Bolt Lift SV (Small Version):
For the Remington® 700™ are the first and only products of their kind. They give you all the benefits of an oversize bolt knob (AKA “Tactical” knob) in a simple user installable package. Adding an enlarged bolt knob to a rifle is a popular upgrade that gives a better grip when operating the bolt under any conditions. Previously, if you wanted that improved bolt handling you would have to buy a knob and send your bolt off to a gunsmith who would cut and thread your bolt handle and install your new knob. Now, you can add a durable enhanced knob by yourself, and you don’t have to permanently modify your rifle. *Unfortunately the Bolt Lift will not fit the Remington 783*

Barrier Stop:
This is a handy device to aid in positional shooting from a barrier. It can be mounted in several positions on the bottom of the forend of the Whiskey-3 Chassis or X-ray Chassis. It has one convex side and one less convex side so the shooter can choose which side faces forward. Fits: Whiskey-3 Chassis (all gens), X-ray Chassis

Catch Extender:
For the TRG-22 puts control right at your fingertips. This is a popular and high quality upgrade for your Sako rifle. It replaces the factory magazine catch to improve ergonomics and ease magazine changes. Most users will now be able to actuate the magazine catch/release with only minimal movement of the firing hand. The Catch Extender is for use with the factory TRG chassis and magazines and will fit the TRG-22 and some TRG-42’s.

Cheek Piece Enhanced Grippy (gen 1-4 Whiskey-3 Chassis and all X-ray):
This is our own overmolded cheekpiece. It is grippy and has a little give for long days behind the rifle. It retains the comfortable shape of the enhanced cheekpiece (which replaced the older narrow cheekpieces on the gen 4 Whiskey-3 starting in Feb 2014 and comes on all X-ray chassis). It has a right hand shooter bias but is usable for off-side shooting, or it can be flipped around to give left hand shooter bias. Fits: All generations of all KRG chassis. Restrictions: Actions with very long bolt throws may require some extra clearance in some positions. Installation Notes: installs with hex wrench. Material: Reinforced Polymer with overmold

Small Grip Panel Set:
These grips are what come standard on the generation 3 and generation 4 Whiskey-3 Chassis and the X-ray chassis. These are the smaller size and bring your hand substantially closer to the trigger and they have a smaller palm swell. These bolt directly onto the gen 3-4 Whiskey-3 Chassis and X-ray chassis and can be fitted to the gen 2 Whiskey-3 chassis after replacing two of the metal components, the grip frame and the lower spar that connects to the buttstock. Please contact us for pricing on those parts. Set includes both right and left grip panels. Fits: Whiskey-3 Chassis gen 2-4, X-ray Chassis.

Large Grip Panel Set:
For those with larger sized hands, these grips are the way to go. A large palm swell and ergonomic shape make for one of the most, if not the single most comfortable stocks available. These grips were what came on the generation 1 and 2 Whiskey-3 Chassis as it shipped and bolt directly onto those generations. They bolt directly onto the Gen 3 and 4 chassis and the X-ray Chassis as well using the included spacer. Includes both right and left grip panels plus the needed spacer. Fits: Whiskey-3 Chassis gen 2-4, X-ray Chassis.

Integrated Night Vision Rail (INVR):
The INVR mounts in the barrel channel of the Whiskey-3, X-ray, or TRG-22/42 chassis and provides mounting options for night vision and other items. At the top is a Picatinny rail for mounting clip-on night vision devices. On either side are mount points for our QD Sling Plate, Sling Loop/QD Mount, or an L2 rail. The bore diameter is 1.15″ so it will accept many heavy barrel contours. With some work it can also be made to fit in all versions of our Spigot Mount. Fits: All Whiskey-3 Chassis, all X-ray Chassis, TRG-22/42. Restrictions: Requires removal of steel insert plate on TRG’s, can’t use TRG bipod or very heavy barrel contours

L2 Rail (Magpul):
Fits 1.190″ hole spacing on bottom front (bipod position) and either side of the forend. Also will fit our Spigot Mount on either side or bottom. Material: Polymer.

L2 Rail (Aluminum):
Metal Picatinny Rail with Magpul MOE L2 hole spacing (1.190″). Mounts on various points of Whiskey-3 Chassis forend (side and bottom), the bottom of the X-ray chassis at the front, and our Spigot Mount on the sides and bottom. Fits: Whiskey-3 Chassis forend, X-ray Chassis forend in bottom position only, Spigot Mount. Material: 6061 Aluminum, hard anodized.

L3 Rail (Magpul):
Fits 1.584″ spacing on buttstock for mounting a monopod, or fits on bottom of forearm closer to magazine well (tripod position). Material: Polymer.

L3 Rail (Aluminum):
Metal Picatinny Rail with Magpul MOE L3 hole spacing (1.584″). Mounts on Whiskey-3 Chassis and X-ray chassis buttstock to allow rail mounted monopod. Also mounts on bottom of Whiskey-3 forend. Fits: Whiskey-3 Chassis forend and buttstock, X-ray buttstock. Material: 6061 Aluminum, hard anodized.

QD Sling Pate (Flush Mount) on Whiskey-3 Chassis:
Provides streamlined QD mounting point on Whiskey-3 forend and Spigot Mount on either side or bottom. Uses 1.190″ MOE L2 hole spacing. Non-rotating. Fits: Whiskey-3 Chassis forend, Spigot Mount. Material: Stainless Steel with black oxide finish

Skid Plate:
The skid plate is a protective Kydex sheath for the forend of the Whiskey-3 Chassis. It partially covers the bottom and sides of the forend and serves to both protect the forend from damage and to insulate the shooter’s hand from the effects of touching very cold or very hot aluminum. Fits: Whiskey-3 Chassis gen 1-4 Remington 700SA and Tikka T3 only, Rem 700SA version may fit 700LA as well

Sling Loop/QD Plate:
This mount will accept either a QD sling or an HK style snap hook. It fits the Whiskey-3 gen 3-4 buttstock on either side, the gen 4 forend on either side, the X-ray buttstock on either side and will mount to our Spigot mount as well. Fits: Whiskey-3 Chassis (gen 3-4 buttstock, gen 4 forend), X-ray buttstock, Spigot Mount

Sling Loop Screw:
This is a simple sling mount for those who use an HK hook/snap hook style sling. It will mount at two points on either side of the Whiskey-3 gen 3-4 buttstock, or on either side of the spigot mount. The thread is M6 x 20mm. Fits: Whiskey-3 Chassis gen 3-4 buttstock, Spigot Mount

The Spigot Mount:
The ideal solution for alternate mounting options for your Whiskey-3 Chassis, X-ray Chassis, or TRG-22/42. It features a bolt-on installation into the slot at the front of the chassis and provides a multitude of mounting options. It gives you several mounting locations for Sako’s ITRS NV rail or the option to use the Badger IMUNS NV rail. In addition, it provides for various sling mounts, QD or otherwise, and also provides a more stable location for a bipod which is closer to the bore by about an inch and further toward the muzzle approximately five inches.

TRG Action Wrench:
Facilitates barrel removal for the Sako TRG-22/42 rifles. Now you can turn your TRG into a “switch-barrel” rifle with this wrench and a barrel vise. Gunsmiths can use this for barrel replacements and avoid fabricating their own wrench. This is the first and only action wrench available for the TRG rifles. It is intended to be used by those qualified to remove and install rifle barrels.

Tripod Adapter for Whiskey-3 Chassis:
This mount attaches to the forend of the Whiskey-3 Chassis gen 3-4 and X-ray Chassis to allow the shooter to clip into a standard quick release tripod head (200PL-14). It uses the same hole spacing as the MOE L2 rail and mounts in front of magazine well. It includes a built-in QD socket for auxiliary use. Fits: Whiskey-3 Chassis gen 3-4, X-ray Chassis.
Restrictions: Does not fit the tripod head with the grip squeeze that requires the angled edges to point front and rear. Material: Stainless steel, blasted finish

LOP Spacer Set:
These are the length-of-pull spacers for the X-ray Chassis. They can be used with the Whiskey-3 but will require the shooter to source different screws. Each spacer is 3/8″. The starting LOP for the X-ray Chassis is 12.8″ approx for the Rem 700 version and 12.9″ approx for the T3 version. Each pack comes with the screws needed for that specific amount of spacers, i.e. a 4-pack of spacers comes with two screws which are the correct length for using 4 LOP spacers. The 1-3 Spacer kit comes with everything you need for using 1-3 spacers, (3 spacers and screws for using 1, 2, or 3 spacers). The 4-6 Spacer kit is for if you already have 3 spacers and need to go longer on your LOP and has 3 spacers plus the screws to mount 4, 5, or 6 spacers. Fits: X-ray Chassis, will fit Whiskey-3 with different screws. Restrictions: Requires M4 metric screws to use with Whiskey-3.

W3/X-Ray Front and Rear Bag Riders:
Designed specifically for shooters that want to shoot their KRG rifle on a pedestal front rest and bunny eared bag. Front bag rider has built in rails to aid tracking. Rear bag rider has been designed specifically to fit a rear bag with specific angles built into the bag rider to match the bag ears exactly. The front and rear bag riders will transform your KRG into a Benchrest or F-Class Rifle!

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KRG Rifle Stocks Accessories
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