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KRG TRG buttstock



KRG TRG Buttstock


Folding stock for TRG-22/42 is a robust and ergonomic upgrade for your rifle. It replaces the back half of your current TRG stock, you keep your forend, chassis, and trigger components. It is fully adjustable for length-of-pull, cheek height, buttpad vertical position and buttpad cant. The length-of-pull and cheek height adjustments are tool-less. The latch mechanism features a proven spring loaded tapered detent design to provide a tight lockup throughout the life of the stock. The stock also locks in the folded position.

Overseas Shipments: This is an ITAR restricted item like all gun parts. Export is possible with the proper permits and export licences. Please contact us for more information.

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KRG TRG Buttstock
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