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Large Dials


March Scopes

Large Dials

March offers two blank dials for shooters to create their own Ballistic Drop Compensator (BDC). These blank BDCs replace the existing elevation knob on your March scope and let you create your own elevation adjustments to suit your load. Make any changes to your load and replace the tape on the dial quickly and easily. The blank dials can also be used for air rifle field events in conjunction with the Large Wheel for added accuracy at short ranges.

Short Dial Fits Rifle Scopes with Tactical Turrets – 1x-4.5 | 1x-10 | 1.5x-15 | 2.5x-25 | 1x-8 | 3x-24 | 5x-40 |

Larger Dial Fits Rifle Scopes with Tactical Turrets – 10x-60 | 5x-50 | 8x-80 |

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