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Lenzi Rear Bags


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Lenzi Rear Bag. Pre-filled

If Ferrari made rear bags…


…actually pretty close. The Lenzi bag is made from the same leather as a Ferrari interior. These superb quality bags are the best (in our opinion) on the market. They are the straightest and “truest” bags with no leakage! Bags arrived from Italy already pre-fill (at the factory) with heavy chromite sand.



leather with pure nylon (not Cordura) at stock contact points with coloured stitching
3/4″ flat between medium ears.
reinforced leather outer walls with 3 layers of medium stiff leather preventing swelling
8″x6″ footprint
built-in “donut”
extra heavy base made up of 3 stiff layers of leather
approx. 15.5lbs pre-filled with heavy sand bottom/white sand in ears
slightly concave base seats flat on bench top when filled and prevents rolling
great “dead” feel

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Lenzi Rear Bags

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