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This device will allow communication between your MagnetoSpeed display and your smartphone. This will facilitate changing of settings, saving and naming of shot strings and texting or emailing shot data. Further features are still being developed. XFR will work with both Sporter and V3 chronograph displays. XFR is NOT compatible with V1 and V2 displays.

Visit this page to see phone capability. http://www.magnetospeed.com/pages/xfr
For Android devices: Visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.magnetospeed.xfr or search for “MagnetoSpeed” in the PlayStore.
For iOS devices: http://appstore.com/XFR
For use with V3 displays, you must first update firmware to version V.2.1.03 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0150/8926/files/fw.hex?363

This set of spacers allows the MagnetoSpeed to be better aligned with barrels with an extreme taper. Kit comes with a .5° spacer and a 1° spacer that can also be combined to form a 1.5° stack.

This adapter will allow the MagnetoSpeed V3 to be used on most pistols and short barrelled rifles that have a Picatinny style rail. Read the dimensional restrictions to see if it fits your weapon before purchasing.

Watch YouTube Demonstration video

*This adapter is not compatible with some proprietary manufacturers’ rails, or with Glock compact or sub-compact model pistols. Does not work with CZ models P-01, P-06, and 75D.

*This currently only works with the V3 model MagnetoSpeed

These soft cases have custom cut foam inserts and sewn pouches that will fit the V3 components in a very compact area. They are perfect for fitting into your range bag or backpack.
Dimensions: 16 L x 5 W x 3 H inches

The Large Brake Adapter for the V3 MagnetoSpeed! This will allow the V3 to be used with muzzle brakes up to 7.7″ in length and barrel diameters up to 1.6″ at the muzzle.
This product was designed to compensate for the length muzzle brakes commonly found on large caliber rifles such as the .338 and .50 BMG.
The Large Brake Adapter is a milled 6061 aluminium fixture, that uses the included V3 Rail Adapter to clamp onto your weapon’s barrel for easy use with your V3 bayonet.
*V3 MagnetoSpeed not included

The T1000 Gen 2 is a rugged target hit indicator with a weatherproof enclosure and extremely long battery life. Designed to be mounted to the back side of any AR500 steel targets 10 inches in width or greater. While mounted, it is in an always-on state waiting for the next shot. The Flexprism rubber reflector is designed to withstand many impacts before needing to be replaced. Target preparation for the T1000 is quick and simple and is easily transferable to multiple targets using common industrial Velcro tape. The T1000 Gen 2 has multiple operating and game modes to best suit your shooting situation and is easily seen through any optic that is capable of seeing the target at that shooting distance.


Now configurable by iOS or Android app (T1000 Tuner) through audio interface (see video)
Increased battery life; over one year in standby mode
Expanded sensitivity settings and two-method impact verification
Three exciting game modes
Works on calibers from .22 up to .50 BMG


Complete T1000 Gen 2 unit (lithium AA batteries included)
Spare Flexprism reflector
Spare set of mounting straps
Aiming tool

Weight N/A

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