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MARCH Scopes Smartphone Adapter

MARCH Scopes Smartphone Adapter

The Smartphone adapter allows you to take photos through your March Rifle Scope, the adapter can be adjusted to suit most current Smartphones.

This can be used for all March scopes however for some models you will require additional parts.
For 4.5-28×52 & 5-42×56 WideAngle you will need both the Connecting Bell (DB464-0) and the Adapter Ring (DB684-0),

For 48×52, 40-60×52 4-40×52 & 6-60×56 Genesis you will need only the Connecting Bell (DB464-0)

Please click HERE to see the installation instructions.

DA367-0 | Smartphone Adapter
DB464-0 | Connecting bell (short) for 48×52, 40-60×52,4-40×52 & 6-60×56 Genesis,

4.5-28×52 (DB684-0 also required!) & 5-42×56 WideAngle (DB684 also required!)
DB684-0 | Adapter ring for 4.5-28×52 & 5-42×56 WideAngle

WARNING – DO NOT SHOOT with the Smartphone Adapter installed on your March Rifle Scope.
No warranty for any damage to your Smartphone if the Smartphone Adapter is used while shooting.


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