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New MARCH Rifle Carry Cases


New MARCH Rifle Carry Cases.

New MARCH Rifle Carry Cases. Available in 3 sizes.


Rifle Carry Case Black, 56″ internal. £78.00
Rifle Carry Case Black, 60″ internal. ELR £84.00
Rifle Carry Case Black, 66″ internal. Extra-long ELR £790.00

– These cases are designed for F class rifles and ELR rifles of 56″, 60″ and 66” . 66” is our ELR rifle case see below.
– Made from waterproof Cordura. These cases will also protect the rifles from the worst of the elements. Whilst not shown in the picture the production version of the case has extra features that ensure the balance of the case is maintained when lifting it by the handles and also that the weight of the rifle is carried by the two points that were designed to do so – The butt and the forend, so no extra pressure is put anywhere else on the rifle that isn’t designed for it.
– These cases are built strong, handmade here in the UK and are designed to take the weight of your F Class / ELR rifle. It has been designed with this solely in mind!

ELR rifle case (1-mile rifles 60” and 2-mile rifles 66”)
When lugging our ELR rifles around we quickly came across a problem, what rifle case do we put them in? Having found no alternatives we decided to rectify that. Designed specifically for the heavy, long rifles used in ELR, these rifle cases will protect your asset. With dual-layer foam linings sewn into the outer case of differing densities, you can be assured that your rifle and optics are getting the best protection possible outside of a hard case. This particular model fits a 65″ rifle inside without any issues. This should cover most 2-mile rifles out there.


Weight 1 kg
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Rifle Carry Case Black 56" internal, Rifle Carry Case Black 60" internal ELR, Rifle Carry Case Black 66" internal Extra Long ELR

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