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R.A.D. System 2a


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R.A.D. System 2a


The System 2a is the newest version of the R.A.D. 2 system. The OAL of the unit is 1/8″ shorter than the original and 2oz. lighter in weight. The new adjustment allows for single point pad adjustment without going through the pad or removing it to do so. This key feature allows the unit to be adjusted by a gun fitter while the gun is mounted saving time and allowing for a more precise fit.

R.A.D. stands for Recoil Absorption Device. This device uses hydraulic fluid to reduce the kinetic energy produced by the firing of a shotgun or rifle. This is superior to other methods that use springs to store the energy during the motion of the gun during recoil. The stored potential energy in the spring will then be transferred back to the shooter at the end of the recoil motion. By using the hydraulic fluid to dampen recoil the kinetic energy is dissipated during the motion of the gun during recoil. This allows the motion of the gun to achieve controlled linear deceleration with a minimum reaction force.

Please note: the R.A.D. system will require a stock inlet which would need to be done by a competent gunsmith, also note, some stocks with an adjustable cheek will not be suitable.
The Kickeeze 3/4inch pad is included.



The Rad’s pictured have been polished and shaped by a Gunsmith. The RAD supplied as new are not polished/shaped and can be done so by the fitter/Gunsmith.
We supply the Kickeeze ¾” pad as pictured.

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