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RAT Recoil Activation Trigger for LabRadar


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LabRadar – RAT Recoil Activation Trigger

Recoil Activation Trigger –  Missing important shots during load development or shooting small calibre with a suppressor will be something of the past when connecting the RAT to your Labradar. The small design of the RAT will not impact materially on accuracy or point of impact change when attached to your rifle with velcro. The RAT is easy to use and effortlessly plugs into the microphone jack input. When attached, the arming of your rifle will activate the Labradar when a shot is fired. The RAT allows the Labradar to be placed out of the muzzle blast and within arm reach.

The RAT is your solution when shooting rifles that are suppressed or using a muzzle breaker.
• Under settings on LabRadar, go to “Trigger Source” and select “Trigger”.
• Select “Trigger Level”, then select “Level 1”. LabRadar should now be all set for the RAT.
• See below images demonstrating how to mount the RAT.
• Always ensure that the side bearing the logo faces downward and makes direct contact with the rifle. The Velcro must NOT be situated between the RAT and the rifle.
• The RAT is best used with light recoil rifles where the action and barrel are joined. (See the photo on the left below.)
• The RAT can be used in many ways – but the side bearing the logo must always face downward. Mounting as per the below demonstration will however deliver the best results.

Included with the RAT system is the Aim Sight for easy LabRadar positioning against the target.
RAT Specifications:
• Cord length 1.5m
• 2 x 15cm Velcro straps supplied.
• Dimensions 28mm x 17mm x 10mm
• Easy Instructions to follow.

LabRadar - RAT Recoild Activation Trigger

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