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KRG Accessories at MARCH Scopes

Upgrades and accoutrements for your KRG chassis



KRG Chassis Tikka T3 Trigger Guard: This is the new style (post ’18) trigger guard for KRG chassis inletted for the Tikka T3. You will need this to use our Midas 2-Stage trigger in the bottom-safety version with your Tikka T3 and KRG chassis if you have an older chassis version. New T3 chassis come with the polymer version but you can get the aluminum one if you prefer that. Older chassis came with an aluminum trigger guard and you can get the polymer one if you want to save a small amount of weight.

Fits: All KRG chassis inletted for Tikka T3, be sure to use included washer for rear action screw

Restrictions: None. Customer will need to use magazine catch, spring, and pivot pin that came with original chassis.

Weight: 1 oz

Material: Aluminum or Polymer

Made by KRG


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